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Christmas-Eve diner

Tonight I’m making diner. I was going to do it for the whole familiy, parents, sister,… all 6 of us . But the weather prevented my sister from comming, so I guess we will have left-overs. Tonight I’m cooking Braised chicken. It is based on a recipe found on the kitchen and which was found on the New-York times website. I did not add the saucage or the porcini. I used button mushrooms and I added leeks. I’m actually pretty sure it will no longer taste like that recipe, but who cares. For an entrée we will be having smoked duck (oh no) with green pesto. And paté with red-onion confit. With a little chopped gurken for the nice acidic taste. No dessert for us. What are you having tonight? … Read entire article »

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Lessthandot cooking

Lessthandot cooking

Some of us over at LessThanDot thought it might be a good idea to have a little corner to ourself for cooking. Because we all need to eat and we all like to eat good things. This site is completely separate from the other parts of LTD it is none technical apart from the fact that the bloggers here have a technical background. The look and feel of this site has still to be decided and is … Read entire article »

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