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Cow tongue in madeira sauce

Madeira is a very flavorful special kind of wine from the island of madeira and it makes a tomato sauce so much better. Cow tongues is very good but I guess some people might be afraid to try it. This dish takes a long time to cook and the tongue is best cooked the day before.

  • 1 cow tongue
  • 1 leek
  • 1 onion
  • 1 carrot
  • seasoning
  • 90gr butter
  • 90gr flour
  • 70gr tomato-puree/tomato-paste
  • 500gr mushrooms

Put the tongue in a big pot fill with water until the tongue is covered. Add the leek, onion, carrot ,pepper and salt. let it cook for 3 hours. leave it in the pot overnight.

The next day about an hour before serving warm the tongue a little so that it will peel better. Then peel it (see picture). Keep it warm. Now we start the sauce. Make a roux with the butter, flour and the stock you got from the tongue. For this you melt the butter then add the flour let it cook for a few moments so that the taste of the flour disappears. Add stock a little at a time until your sauce gets the right consistency. Add the tomato-puree and stir it in well, then add a splash of madeira and the mushrooms. Stir well. Cut the tongue in thin slices and poor the sauce over it.

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