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Christmas Meal?

I’m curious to know if people have a traditional Christmas day meal, and if so, what does it include.

At my house, we usually have 2 meats, Turkey and Ham.  We have a large family, and many people usually come to our house for Christmas, so there’s usually a lot of food.  There are always leftovers which are enjoyed for several days afterwards.

In addition to the Turkey and Has, we are also have Corn Bread Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce (home made), Greek Rice, Masher Potatoes, and a 3 bean casserole.

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4 Responses to "Christmas Meal?"

  1. Chopstik says:

    Typically, for Christmas, we have turkey with homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, lots of vegetables and then maybe some pie or even Norwegian desserts (krumkage, sunbuckles and other things that I’ve temporarily forgotten).

    1. SQLDenis says:

      Are you sure that that is not Thanksgiving :-)

  2. Thirster42 says:

    My mom used to cook ham. With my grilfiend’s family it’s turkey.

  3. SQLDenis says:

    This is what I served this year, all home made except for the cheeses and sausage and raviolis

    Mozzarella and tomatoes (Insalata Caprese)
    Manchego cheese
    Smoked goat chees brie
    2 types of olives
    roasted yellow and red peppers

    Main course
    meatballs with sausage in a red sauce
    ravioli stuffed with cheese
    oven roasted ham with pine apples
    rugola salad

    Cheese cake
    chocolate chip cookies

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